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Spring Aeration

by Greenblade on 01/28/16

As the soil warms up it is time to Aerate your lawn

Seasonal Tip

by Greenblade on 01/28/16

Spring Aeration

Mowing Season Has Started!

by Greenblade on 03/14/13

This gorgeous Spring weather is making us all happy to be outside--even if that means we're doing yard work. With all this sun you should start seeing bright green growth on the tips of your grass. This means it's time to dig out the lawn mower! Mowing your lawn on a regular basis does more than keep your neighbors happy--it is actually one of the most important ways to keep your lawn healthy!  

You might not know that mowing is a great way to...

  • Keep infectious parasites such as ticks and chiggers at bay. 
  • Thicken your lawn. Grass is just like any other plant. By cutting it at it's growing point (where the new leaves develop) you are telling it to branch out and become thicker. 
  • Keep weeds from encroaching on your grass. By thickening your grass you are leaving less room for pesky weeds to sneak through.

Mow regularly--once a week is ideal. Once every 2 weeks will do.

Height does matter when you're mowing. Avoid cutting more than 1/3 of the grass blade away per mowing. If you fall behind in your yard chores and your grass is extra long, set your mower it its highest setting? and mow. You will then need to re-mow a few days later at a normal height setting. 

Mowing can "train" grass blades to lay a certain direction. The best way to avoid this is to alternate your mowing pattern every week. For example, row in columns one week, rows the next, spiral the next, diagonal the next, then start over with rows. 

Don't waste your lawn clippings! Clippings are full of nitrogen and other nutrients that are wonderful for your lawn and act as a *free!* fertilizer. As long as they are no longer than 1/3 of the grass height, go ahead and leave them on the lawn--they break down quickly, and your grass will thank you! If your clippings are too long they could do more harm than good by smothering your lawn--in that case bag them up.

Stay tuned for more seasonal tips! And as always--call us with your yard questions!

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